Callas In A Gift

Do you want a bouquet of callas of 1 or several colors? Interested in your own gift is allowed by choosing a bouquet from these flowers. They have a magical power and possess the charm and rigidity. Their big plus — lack of flavor — allows them to throw them at night by the bed, do not modify the official location in the community of rather pretentious persons. They are neutral and immediately unclear. Not bad for express wishes to precious recipients of any age.

A bouquet of callas is an impeccable messenger and a usual conclusion for conveying your emotions: callas on a longish petiole in a transparent design will emphasize the consistency and elegance of your chosen one, and their number is the significance of the action. Callas — heart-shaped leaves on longish petioles, arrow-shaped trunk, ending with an inflorescence similar to the sail or snow-white cover of crystal purity — this flower stops looking at itself and in the depth of the funnel-shaped bowl it is easy to see the secret, to open the riddle. This flower of the wet subtropics of Africa, the most-the best selection in official, festive and romantic versions. Innovative varieties represent a huge range of colors, for 12 names of fiery, yellowish, mango, pink flowers. Flawless pattern of a flower — its half-opened position means both cleanliness and chastity, this and the deepest respect to the person to whom you give a bouquet of callas. The snow-white paint of the bouquet is cold and official — this is an irreplaceable companion of all meetings. To write out callas is the only thing you need to think about — intending for a jubilee or a buffet table. For visits to friends it is allowed to collect a bouquet of different colors. In the composition will perfectly look kallah any color with anthuriums, roses and lilies.

In the language of flowers callas symbolize the highest level of worship, reverence, admiration. You are beautiful! -only the only present to the lady according to at least some pretext. The cup-shaped pattern of the flower is a sign of passivity and femininity. It is believed that the man who bestows callas favorite, ready to be married immediately. Callas still count as a guardian of home happiness and prosperity. To give them to family celebrations is a good taste. A bouquet for the wife is a strict selection. A snow-white veil embracing a yellowish rod-Yin and Yan in one flower. The heart of callas is a sign of courage and fortitude. Because a bouquet of callas can exist and a gift to a man. When formalizing a formal, formal event, every detail has meaning.

It is significant that callas in the design of the presidium, stage, exhibition board, foyer are used more often. They look flawless as in floor compositions, this way in cascades and wall decorations, in the symmetries of columns, arches, balconies, window gaps and draperies. The paint in this case is selected in accordance with the interior. Before the official visit callas will take your interest very quickly. But in spite of all of the above, how much conviction will give you an understanding of what a beautiful bouquet of callas with the introduction of a corporate color will be in the hall at the most notable place!