Top 10 Largest Churches In The World

10. Ulm Minster, Ulm, Germany, 8260 square meters

Standing at 161.5 m high Ulm minster located in the Ulm city of Germany is the tallest church in the world. This church has an internal area of 8260 square meters. It is also one of great examples of Gothic church architecture. There are 768 steps to reach the top of the church. From the top level, the church offers magnificent panoramic view of Ulm city.

The construction of this church was started in 1377 and halted for a long time. It finally completed on 31st May, 1890. Today, its is a protestant church, converted in the 16th century. The tall spires of the church symbolize the way to heaven.

15th century choir stalls made of oak and carvings of hundreds of busts are the most notable attractions of Ulm minster. The stalls were sculpted by famous German sculptor Jirg Syrin the Elder. The main hall also crowned with a statue of a sparrow – The signature symbol of Ulm city.