Difficulties of Nano Aquariums

Nano akuvarumistika — a direction that is gaining increasing popularity as experienced aquarists, and for beginners. Prefix «nano» characterizes the size of the aquarium and its inhabitants, the size of the responsibility and complexity of the content of such an aquarium if not «mega», then «kilo» — for sure! The fact is that the smaller the aquarium, the easier it is to shift the biological balance in it, which often leads to irreversible consequences. Such words as «hardness», «acidity», «nitrites», «nitrates» and many more, become the most common in the lexicon of even a novice aquarist … It is tempting to have a small aquarium on the table, but it’s terrible to get down to business? Now this is absolutely in vain! Just for such cases, nature came up with wonderful creatures — freshwater shrimp! And the most unpretentious of them are cherry shrimp. If you characterize these creatures a little — they are unpretentious, not gluttonous, prolific.

But, naturally, like all living organisms they require attention and care. To abandon them to the mercy of fate means to doom to death. Daily maintenance nanoakvarium does not require, but at least once a week attention should be given to it. The notion of attention includes the substitution of water, and feeding shrimp, and caring for plants and other important, though small at first glance, activities. Details on care for shrimp and problems related to their content can be found on the site My Cherries.

And, hell, it’s worth to overcome some difficulties to admire these wonderful animals! In a small volume of the nano-aquarium, we are waiting for daily nano-opening! Have you seen, for example, how to shed shrimp? How does she eat? How does he take care of caviar? Be sure to see if you decide to have a shrimp! And one more consideration in favor of choosing an aquarium. Have you ever met people suffering from allergies to dogs and cats? At the birds? And the aquarium? From the point of view of an allergist, the aquarium is the perfect «pet»!