How to pack a kitchen

Your kitchen will be the hardest room you’ll have to pack when moving, especially if it is a fully functional family kitchen. Because of all the appliances, furniture, tools, utensils, china, and food that you have to take care of, you may feel overwhelmed by packing just a single room.

Thus, it would be great if you would learn more about packing a kitchen before you start purchasing boxes, plastic bags and packing tape for your kitchen stuff. This will prevent you from buying too many packing supplies and would also prevent you from buying things that you won’t really need or not buy the supplies that would save you time and resources.

Properly Packing a Kitchen

Here are some tips to properly pack your kitchen. San Diego moving companies will definitely appreciate it if you will pack your things properly. You will be thanking yourself also as this will save you a lot of money.

• Open Your Cabinets and Drawers

Before packing things up, open all of your cabinets and drawers and take a look at all the things that you are going to pack. From the glasses to the pans, you should determine how many items you will have to move.

This will enable you to know how much packing supplies you will need for your kitchen stuff.

• Check Your Fridge

You should also check your fridge and check the items that you should consume before your moving day. Because most San Diego movers will not let you pack perishable items, especially if you are moving to a distant location, you should start eating foods that you know might spoil.

• Check Your Pantry

Check your pantry for things that you should pack. Condiments, pastas and flours can be packed in a plastic bag before putting inside boxes. Anything that may leak should also be put in thick plastic bags and should always be kept in a cool place to avoid spoiling them.

Packing foods that are not easy to spoil should be done not long before your moving day so that you can still use them. Also, you will avoid spilling and spoiling them when they are packed for only short periods of time.

• Separate Anything that is Breakable

Put any breakable stuff in a separate area, like a wide empty table, before packing. This way, you can be sure that everything will be packed properly. Use tablecloths, linens and blankets as padding sheets to save on your packing supplies.

Also, make sure that you keep knives and other sharp objects wrapped up.

• Turn Everything Off

If you can uninstall and disassemble your kitchen furniture and appliances days before your move, you should turn everything off and start disassembling them as soon as possible. This will take a lot of work so it’s best to start early.

You can either have moving companies, such as Coastal Moving, to uninstall and disassemble your stuff if you can’t do it by yourself.

Packing your kitchen is also a great opportunity to discard anything that you won’t use anymore so keep boxes for things that you would throw away or donate while you are packing up.