Truskavets — mineral pride of Ukraine

In Ukraine “Naftusja” and “Yuzia” are not only the names of springs, but also part of the country’s history which are praised an sings and poems. Truskavets is the main spring bath resort of Ukraine, the healing springs of which are in the foothills of the Carpathian Mountains. Of course, the leader of the Ukrainian mineral glory is the “Naftusia” mineral water (bicarbonate, sulphate, calcium, magnesium). It contains elements of the Boryslavsk oil. Naftusia has a specific oily flavor and smell. This is where the name stems from; the Ukrainian word “nafta” means oil. “Naftusia” is an unique water, used to treat liver, kidneys and urinary diseases. It also stabilizes the metabolism.

The benefits of the spring water were first mentioned in 1832 by Steller, a pharmacist from Zhovkva, Lviv oblast. Scientific research on this subject drew the attention of the Austro-Hungarian aristocracy. By 1912 a new train station was built in order to provide a comfortable journey for visitors from Lviv, Vienna, Prague, Warsaw, Krakow and Berlin in the same manner as in Europe. The soviet era didn’t bring Truskavets any additional masterpieces of architecture, having destroyed many from the past, but taught a massive country how to relax and improve their health here.