Where to eat in Greece?

In Greece, tourists do not have difficulties with food – it is varied and fresh here. A wide choice of meals in every village tavern can satisfy those who are fond of seafood, vegetarians and connoisseurs of well-cooked meat. But still you have to know a few rules. If you go on a tour with a group, it`s likely the question “where to eat in Greece” will not arise – a visit to a cafe or restaurant with a standard tourist menu will be scheduled. Nevertheless, try to avoid places for tourist groups. Greeks try not to set the bar pretty low, but still there are unpleasant exceptions.

Those travelers who plan their free time on their own have more opportunities both in exploring the country and its attractions and in gastronomic tourism. The general recommendation is: if possible, avoid tourist cafes and restaurants. Have lunch and dinner where locals eat. If visitors at the cafe are mostly Greeks, it is most likely that the food is perfectly cooked and fresh and the prices are not sky-high. So the rule is quite simple – the more Greeks there are at the tavern, the tastier the dishes are cooked. Almost all restaurants have photos of finished meals, so you will not have problems with the order even if waiters do not speak English. A dessert or rakia at the expense of the owner is a nice bonus in such taverns.