Top 10 Most Amazing Festivals Around The World

9. International Sand Sculpture Festival, Portugal

International sand sculpture festival or FIESA is the largest sand sculpture event in the world. FIESA has been held Algarve region of Portugal since 2003. This festival presents 50 towering sculptures each year that are made from about 40000 tons of sands, carved by 60 artists from all over the world. Each year FIESA festival features a specific theme for creation for sand sculptures. The theme for FIESA depends on local traditions, popular cultures and mythology.

Described as the largest sand sculpture event in the world, the International Sand Sculpture Festival or Festival Internacional de Escultura em Areia (FIESA) has been held in Pêra, Algarve, Portugal annually since 2003. The site at 37.1289°N 8.3310°WCoordinates: 37.1289°N 8.3310°W occupies 15,000 square metres (3.7 acres). Each year about 60 artists use 35000 tons of sand to create 50 works of art. The exhibition is also open in the evenings with atmospheric lighting.