Top 10 Most Amazing Festivals Around The World

2. Burning Man Festival, Nevada, United States

Burning Man is a week long annual event take place in black rock desert of Nevada, US. This globally popular event taken it’s name from burning of large wooden sculpture. Every year Burning Man festival starts on last Monday of August and ends on first Monday of September.

Every year more than 50000 people gathered together for this event create a temporary 1.5 square mile settlement, dedicated to community, art, self expression and self reliance. Participants show off different works of art, create temporary city, make friends and hangout together. At the end of the festival they depart black rock city without leaving a trace whatsoever.

Burning Man festival encourages every participants to discover and rely on his/her inner sources. Participants of Burning Man festival will also learn value of cooperation and collaboration. At same time they also preserve the spirit of gift giving. The leaving no trace ethic of Burning Man festival represent our commitment to leaving no physical trace of our activities in the surrounding, to keep places in safe and better state.

Great variety of arts appears during Burning Man festival, found as a gift from artists to the community. The art section of the festival include small to large scale installations. The mutant vehicles are another important attraction of Burning Man festival, stunningly and permanently modified motorized vehicles. Participants have to submit their design ideas in advance to bring their mutant vehicles at the event.