Top 8 Longest Suspension Bridges In The World

2. Xihoumen Bridge, 1650 meters, China

Xihoumen bridge is the longest main span in China and second longest suspension bridge in the world located in Zhoushan archipelago. The length of center span of this bridge is 1650 meters. The 5.3 kilometer long Xihoumen bridge connect Jintang Island with Cezi Islands.

The construction of Xihoumen bridge started in the year 2005 and completed in 2007. It was opened for public traffic on 25th December 2009. The bridge consist of 2.7 kilometer long side joint sections and main bridge have length of 2.6 kilometers. Xihoumen bridge features four line express highway that allows vehicle speed up to 80 kilometers per hour.

The Xihoumen Bridge is a suspension bridge built on the Zhoushan Archipelago, the largest offshore island group in China. The main span was completed in December 2007. The entire bridge, along with Jintang Bridge, was opened to traffic on a test basis on 25 December 2009. It is the second-longest suspension bridge ranked by the length of the centre span. The opening date was put off because of a ship collision on 16 November 2009 that slightly damaged the side of Jintang Bridge.

The 5.3-kilometre-long suspension bridge connection has a 2.6-kilometre-long main bridge with a central span of 1,650 metres. The approaches total 2.7 kilometres. When it opened, there was only one bridge with a larger span, the Akashi-Kaikyo Bridge in Japan.

The bridge was built by the province of Zhejiang, at a cost of 2.48 billion yuan. Construction began in 2005, and the first traffic crossed the bridge on 25 December 2009, at 11:58 p.m., local time.

The Xihoumen Bridge links Jintang and Cezi islands. Another bridge, the 27-kilometer-long cable-stayed Jintang Bridge, links Jintang Island and Zhenhai of Ningbo. The two bridges are the second phase of a huge project started in 1999 to link the Zhoushan Archipelago to the mainland with five bridges. Construction of the other three bridges has been completed.